Choosing Your Artist

Before getting a tattoo, you must be sure to have one or not. And choose a design. Then decide where to have it. But the most important thing is, to find the RIGHT ARTIST.

Make a good research.

Don’t search for a good price. Search for the right person first.
Check the artist’s background. Some tattoo artists (Tattooists) might do the for long years. But what were they doing before doing tattoos? A person doing tattoos for 10 years but he was a salesman before… Would you still trust him? Or a tattooist doing his job for 2 years but he is an artist for 20 years… Which does sound better?
Of course go to an artist who has a certificate and/or licence to run the studio.
But remember… Artist’s hand does the tattoos. Not that piece of paper. So check his previous works aswell.
He should have his own catalogue. Some of the artists, collect some photos from internet and spreads them all over the shop and present them as their work… So, ask for his website.
A real artist always has a website. Because he cares about what he does and publishes his works to be known better.
It might sound like a little detail but if a tattoo artist doesnt have a website, its hard to call him an “artist” and you can search for your artist in somewhere else.

Check the studio.
Look at the details. Cleanless, set-up, tidyness vs.

Make sure the artist gets every single word you say during tattooing and designing. You don’t wanna have a blue rose when you ask a red one…

Some tattoo artist might give you a cheaper price for the same design. But that doesn’t mean it’s gonna be the same quality. Also the more expensive prices don’t mean it’s gonna be a better tattoo.

Check his works and ask for his speciality.

Some artists are gootattoo-workd at straight lines and plain works (tribals)and some are better at portraits or shading works. Make sure he can do freehand works. Every tattoo needs some extra imagination.
Chat with the artist. Ask for his opinions and offers. You must feel comfortablebefore and during tattooing.

Tattooing is not a job only.

It’s a life style for a real artist. So a tattoo artist is not a business man. He/she is an “artist”. Tattoo is an art. And copy cats can’t create an art. They just ink the path.
A real artist doesn’t push you to have a tattoo. He gives you some time to think, search and decide.

Quick work doesn’t make person a good artist… We are not in an olympic race…tumblr_m4rbxdBMxd1rstqf3o1_500

A good artist takes his time. Because that work will present him. It’s going to be a piece of art of his.
So no rush. Take your time and let him do his work. Quick works will need some re-touch after a while. So it won’t be that quick. Even slower and more expensive…
Your artist’s imagination will be a part of your body. And if you pick the right artist, tattoos are the cheapest thing on earth you pay for. Coz nothing you pay lasts your whole life…
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the pain… 😉


Erkan Nehir (Aircon)